Point b is an independent, creatively driven branding, digital and communications agency.

We create strong relationships between companies and their customers through simple, fresh strategies, stories and experiences. We believe no matter where, how or in what communication channel your idea is expressed, you have to start with a good one. At Point b, we distill the essence of what is important, unique and compelling to you and your audience into a “big idea,” allowing your true and meaningful brand to emerge. We then extend your brand into engaging online, print and experiences to help you reach important business destinations.



For two decades, Point b has been recognized for providing clients with influential thinking, innovative design and the assurance that only comes with experience.

Our solutions are successful because we invest ourselves intellectually and emotionally in our client’s success. We listen intently, learn our client’s industries, competitors and businesses soup-to-nuts and apply knowledge with strategic synergy.

We build specialized teams to address the goals entrusted to us. MBAs work alongside cultural observers. Digital experts join the discussion with strategist. Language geeks pair up with designers. Together, we inspire and challenge each other — and our clients.

Just as important as the talent we bring to the table is our attitude and respect for our client partnerships. At Point b, you’ll find a spirit of partnership – bereft of big egos, hidden agendas and the “not invented here” syndrome.