“Challenge” to Excel

What sets the best organizations
apart is not simply the quality of
their products, but the value of
their insight

In a world of reluctant, risk-averse customers, commercial
insights — new ideas that either help customers make
money or save money in ways they didn’t know were
possible — are what generate new demand and build a
network of advocacy for your solutions.

Developing commercial insights requires a deep
understanding of a customer’s business and using that
understanding to push their thinking and teach them
something new about how their company can compete
more effectively.

According to CEB research, customers
want three things from partners:
• A unique and valuable perspective
on their market,
• To learn about risks and issues that
could impact their business, and
• Help navigating the alternatives
that are out there.
Create A New Conversation

Point b develops commercial insights and messages that
bring your sales and marketing together as a collective
force for growth, and connects your customer’s business
needs to your solutions and expertise.

Point b works with your team to develop:
• Customer-facing insight-led messages
for your company,
• Customer-facing insight-led messages
for a key product or service,
• Internal-facing insight-led messages to
engage the organization,
• Marketing and sales presentations,
data, stories and tools that bring value
to customers by teaching them to think
differently about their business
Customers will repay you with
loyalty when you teach them
something they value, not just
sell them something they need.

Armed with insight, research
data and stories, your rep’s job
shifts from discovering needs to
guiding the conversation.
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